Founding member, Founders Club. For the PBIFF 2023 return ONLY

As we resurrect PBIFF, we are giving all PBIFF Circle donors Founders Club, Founding Member designations. The Founders Club is a Legacy club and the designation continues with the PBIFF Circle member for as long as they choose to be a PBIFF Circle Member. This Founders Club, Founding Member designation will provide additional benefits and privileges for future festivals, engagement and participation opportunities with the Palm Beach International Film Institute and, all PBIFF Circle, Founders Club members share the same Founding Member designation for the Palm Beach International Film Society for as long as they choose to remain members of the Palm Beach International Film Socie

Since the Founders Club is a Legacy designation, unique only for 2023, we are making a limited number of Founders Club, Family Memberships available. These Family memberships will be available at different levels and the Family membership will entail additional costs but just like the Founders Club membership, it will include all of the perks and entitlements of the Founders Club. This Founders designation can be passed on to successive family members through bequethment and through trust. Founders Club memberships that are bequeathed or passed on through trust convert to “Legacy” memberships at such time as they are passed on through trust or bequethment. Legacy members are entitled to all of the benefits afforded to Founders members as Legacy members.

Founders and Legacy members have the opportunity to serve on PBIFF, PBIFS and PBIFI advisory boards and committees and their participation at all levels is encouraged.

This Founders designation is included at no additional cost with all PBIFF Circle level memberships for members who join before January 31st, 2023. After January 31st, this designation goes away forever and will no longer be available.

Created for independent film and arts enthusiasts, PBIFF Circle brings our community of generous supporters together with artists and Institute leadership through premium access to the Palm Beach International Film Festival, monthly digital and in-person events. PBIFF Circle Founders level patrons receive invitations to private events, access to exclusive passes and tickets, and personal assistance in planning their Festival experience and so much more.

To reach out to one of our donor advisors, please send us an email;