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With your Partnership help, together we will make PBIFF the top film festival in the world

Our sponsors are our partners, our PBIFF family members really, and that is exactly how we like it. Our commitment to our partners and respecting them as such is one we take very seriously.



Brand Recognition

Increase your profile by sponsoring and putting your name on a PBIFF award, event or program. Receive logo recognition on PBIFF’s highly visible online assets, print publications, and marketing materials.

Corporate Hosting

Entertain clients, employees, prospects and new recruits at one of the Festival’s premiere Red Carpet venues. Enjoy reserved seating at an optimal vantage point for you and your guests.

Promotional Rights

With the support of the PBIFF brand, execute consumer or trade promotions in the marketplace that create brand excitement and drive your marketing objectives.

Why Support The Palm Beach International Film Festival? Picture This …

The Palm Beach International Film Festival (PBIFF) is a champion and curator of those who produce independent stories for the screen and highlights the best of independent film-making with screenings of films from local, national and international filmmakers at our word famous eight day festival set in the amazing Palm Beaches.

For nearly 30 years, PBIFF has been renowned as a destination for filmmakers, film goers, press, and industry professionals.

The Palm Beach International Film Festival;

  • Set in the amazing Palm Beaches Florida, a premium location known the world over for it’s Billionaire residents, grand mansions, exotic cars, breath taking beaches and beautiful people with at least 45 Billionaires having residences in the Palm Beaches
  • One of the top 25 independent film festivals in the world, often listed in the top 10
  • High local economic impact – Since 2000, the festival has utilized over 10’s of thousands of hotel rooms at attendees’ expense
  • Has screened: thousands films – over 400 World Premieres – over 200 Student Films – over 100 countries represented
  • In 2014 launched unique collaborations with the Toronto International Film Festival and the Sundance Institute and continues these collaborations and dozens more
  • Hosts and sponsors educational seminars
  • Spotlights and supports local film and television industry
  • Offers a diverse audience of true cinephiles and trendsetters
  • Has donated millions to area film programs
  • and more

Shaping the future of filmmaking.

Our Palm Beach International Film Festival Corporate Partners get exclusive access to and witness firsthand the development and evolution of this very unique, one of a kind experience that is PBIFF. Our Partners play a role in everything that is PBIFF, including supporting the future of film and film-making. This is a mission which has made PBIFF a regional and International platform for showcasing independent film-making at its best. In addition, our Partners play a role in supporting education with film and television programs and the future of film-making. Partnering with PBIFF provides young people in the Palm Beaches and film makers the world over opportunities in pursuing their dreams.

Local, national, and international filmmakers rely on PBIFF to tell their stories and enrich our visitors and moviegoers with a diverse outlook on life, the world, and unique visions for the future. PBIFF relies on the generosity of individuals and organizations just like yours that recognize the value of the contribution of film-making to our cultural landscape and its impact in our lives.

Be inspired and be a part of that impact today and share the passion of the Palm Beach International Film Festival by partnering with and supporting our missions.

Partnering with the Palm Beach International Film Festival.

The Palm Beach International Film Festival offers exceptional branding opportunities that will increase and enhance our partners visibility to a highly desirable audience not just the week of our Marquee festival but year round. We are building long term, Legacy, Corporate Partnerships. Let us work with you to create a custom package designed specifically to meet your corporate goals and expectations. Then work with us as a Partner in exceeding those goals and expectations.

Audience Demographics (based on 2013 intercept survey)

  • Home to over 1.5 million people, Palm Beach, Martin, and St. Lucie Counties are growing at an annual rate of 7.5% and represent some of the most affluent markets in the world.
  • Our attendees represent an affluent, educated, and active audience.
  • Average age: 35-64
  • Annual attendance: 10,000
  • Over one-third of our attendees earn more than $100,000 a year.

We don’t do sponsorships like everyone else, we don’t do pre-packaged, cookie cutter, off the shelf offerings that are the same as every other partner. We do Partnerships and relationships and we want Legacy Partners that are complimentary to the Palm Beach International Film Festival and complimentary to our other Partners, to our directives to give back to education and to building and growing opportunities for film and television in the Palm Beaches, Nationally and Internationally.

If you are considering partnering with us and you share this vision with us, we want to work with you. We can’t wait to tailor a package that works for you and helps you to accomplish your goals through support of the Palm Beach International Film Festival.

Our Sponsors really are our partners

Our commitment to our partners means providing our partners with the opportunities to shine with us.

More than your company logo on a banner at show time, this is a year round relationship

Our marquee event is our annual Palm Beach International Film Festival but there is so much more to the Palm Beach International Film Festival We are active year round with festival events and our Palm Beach International Film Society. We are constantly focused on providing educational programs and support and attracting attention to the Palm Beaches as a destination for all things film, television and media. We work closely with our area schools and making opportunities available to students, educators and administrators in these institutions for greater education, fundraising, attracting talent and opportunities to get involved.

We have a year round commitment to our community and we are looking for partners that want to share in that vision and benefit from this partnership on a year round basis. This of course comes with year round opportunities for our partners to shine in all that we do.


Our Palm Beach International Film Festival Partners help us fund our directives, produce our annual film festival, provide programs, pay our staff, keep the lights on, a roof above our heads and more. We can’t do what we do without our Partners.

We recognize and prominently feature our Partners at every opportunity possible throughout the year and as our Partners, they are an integral part of our marketing and the image that we put forward to the world.

Partners have many opportunities to shine. Throughout the year, as we host educational programs, forums, presentations and more, Partners are right there with us and they are a prevailing presence at these events and we work closely with our Partners to make this happen.

When we host our annual 8 day film festival, our Partners shine brightly alongside of us through display, interactive, marketing, participation and more. We also encourage and work closely with our Partners in hosting or co-hosting speaker forums, meet and greets, Red carpet events, hospitality suites, daily and nightly events and VIP parties every night of the festival and more. These opportunities are custom built around our Partners, their vision and opportunities that provide them with the opportunity to grab attention.

We are excited about the countless opportunities that are available in working with you and we look forward to working closely with you in accomplishing our mutual goals.

Partnership Levels

  • $500,000 + Foundation (Level 1)
  • $250,000 + Level 2
  • $100,000 + Level 3
  • $ 50,000 + Level 4
  • $ 10,000 + Level 5


We have a number of Partnership levels and different opportunities available at each level. We don’t have pre-formed packages for the levels of support for our Partners at the different Partnership levels. We just don’t operate that way. Our sponsors really are our Partners and we treat them that way. We work with our Partners to help them achieve their goals by working with them to custom tailor opportunities.

Our Legacy Partners have helped us build our past and have committed to continue helping us build and build into our future.

Palm Beach International Film Festival encourages active participation from all of our Partners. We have an ongoing conversation with our Partners and we listen to them and we work with them and make sure we provide opportunities that allow them to excel.

Below are just some of the partnership opportunities with PBIFF. Let’s talk and build a plan that works for you.

  • Our top level Partners are our greatest benefactors. These are partners who have made the largest contribution of funds and resources to benefit PBIFF. As our largest donors and partners, these organizations have the greatest exposure and primary access to sponsorship opportunities with PBIFF, the Palm Beach Film Society and the Palm Beach International Film Institute. Our “foundation”, Level 2 and Level 3 sponsors have access to our logo for use in their advertising and marketing
  • Company, product or service logo advertising on PBIFF web site, at PBIFF events on backgrounds and other materials, recognition in PBIFF programs, exposure of company, product or services at PBIFF events. Each of the 8 days of the film festival, all partners receive a table and space for display in the exhibit hall. This exhibit hall is open to all including the general public. Additional space is available at an extra cost on a first come first served basis with priority given to our Legacy and top level Partners.
  • Opening night ceremonies. Though technically we begin screenings earlier in the day on this Friday, this event and party kicks off our 8 day film festival. The opening ceremony is sponsored and prominently features that partner and recognizes the contributions made by our staff, volunteers, donors and partners in general while welcoming attendees, filmmakers, professionals and press. The opening ceremony festivities lead directly into our opening night party. The opening night ceremony and party is open to all festival party *ticket holders, **attendees, staff, volunteers, filmmakers, press and ***V.I.P.’s including sponsoring partners guest list.
  • Closing night awards ceremony. This event is open to all staff, volunteers, **attendees, ***VIP’s, filmmakers, industry professionals, partners and press on a space availability basis. This sponsored event is where we provide our awards to filmmakers for their accomplishments. The closing night awards ceremony also provides additional recognition to our staff, volunteers, partners and everyone that makes our film festival a success.
  • Closing night VIP party. With another outstanding PBIFF on the books, it’s time to Rock Til You Drop!! This sponsored VIP party is open to staff, volunteers, ***VIP’s, filmmakers. industry professionals, press and partners including sponsoring partners guest list.
  • Hospitality suites. During the 8 days of the film festival, there are hospitality suites open from morning until evening and 8 opportunities to host and co-host these hospitality suites. These suites are open to festival staff, volunteers, ticket holders*, filmmakers, industry professionals, press and other sponsoring partners. Our “Foundation” partners have the first opportunity to host these suites. Foundation partners have the first option to host these suites and can opt to be the single host for the suite for the day or co-host the suite with other partners that compliment their organization and brand.
  • VIP parties. In addition to our opening and closing night VIP parties, there are opportunities to sponsor and host 6 other VIP parties the week of the PBIFF. These parties are open to ***VIP’s, staff, volunteers, filmmakers, industry professionals, press and anyone else the sponsoring partner chooses to open them up to.
  • Speaker Panels / Seminars. The film festival includes 4 days of sponsored educational panels that will give insight into the art and business of film making and the film industry as well as film opportunities in Florida and the Palm Beaches. Ideal partners for these events is are industry professionals, product and service providers and vendors. We also invite these partners to provide speak, present and even provide a line up of speakers and presenters for the festival and year round events. Sponsor one day or all four. Sponsor these events year round.
  • Awards. Sponsor awards and prizes for different categories at our annual awards ceremony held the last evening of the festival.
  • Scholarships. Sponsor scholarships for film and television related studies at our Palm Beach County schools.
  • Film Society. Sponsor film showings and events, offer benefits and more for our Palm Beach International Film Society members year round.
  • Film Institute. Sponsor educational programs and working production programs through the Palm Beach International Film Festival.

We are also looking for sponsors to be the;

  • Official Airline of The Palm Beach International Film Festival
  • Official Hotel of The Palm Beach International Film Festival
  • Official Automobile of The Palm Beach International Film Festival
  • Official Transportation Provider of The Palm Beach International Film Festival
  • Official Soft Drink of The Palm Beach International Film Festival
  • Official Cocktail / Drink of The Palm Beach International Film Festival
  • and more

There are additional partnership opportunities with the Palm Beach International Film Festival not listed here and we have many additional opportunities for partnership with the Palm Beach International Film Society.


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* Ticket holders are individuals who have purchased at least one ticket for at least one screening but are not attendees or VIP’s.

** Attendees are individuals that have purchased a film festival package which might include admission to screenings and film festival events.

*** VIP’s The Palm Beach International Film Festival offers VIP level ticketing and passes for sale. When we refer to VIP’s this includes these pass holders. Partners are provided a number of these VIP passes to provide to their clients, staff and others. Sponsors are also encouraged to generate their own list of VIP’s for their sponsored venues.